Insurance in Calgary
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q - "How can I save premium on my auto insurance?"

A - We have several options for you to consider:
A higher deductible equals higher discounts for example; you may wish to consider a $1,000 deductible on your collision portion of your policy.

It is beneficial to maintain good driving habits; no convictions & no claims make you the target market for Insurers and their very best rates

Let's discuss "multi policy discounts"  - our brokers can compare the benefits of  packaging your household insurance and auto together for a premium savings.

Q - "What is "Auto Loss of Use" Coverage?"

A - In the event of an accident, regardless of fault, a rental car is promptly provided.  Most of us rely on our vehicle so this is an important endorsement to add to your policy.  Body shops seldom have spare vehicles available.  Often there are delays or disputes when trying to contact the other responsible party to pay for your transportation.  SEF 20 Loss of Use endorsement extends the coverage and leaves the chore of collecting from the other person up to the insurance adjuster.

Q - "Do I have to buy insurance from the rental car company when on vacation?"

A - Your own policy may be extended while driving a rental car.  Purchase endorsement #27 "Non Owned Auto" which will transfer your coverage for personal use in Canada or U.S.A.  Business or commercial use of a vehicle is "not" included.  The premium cost is around $25.  All policy holders with collision insurance should also add endorsement #20 "Loss of Use" to cover the rental car expense when your vehicle is being repaired due to a claim.  (This is helpful if the Vacation rental car is involved in an accident too)

Q - "Is Travel Medical Insurance a good idea for all trips?"

A - Yes, it's a great idea when traveling in Canada or outside our country.  If you are involved in an accident, travel insurance will help you and your vehicle get home, or assist with expenses when staying with the sick or injured person.  We have annual policies available so spur of the moment trips may be automatically included.  Give our Travel Insurance Wizards (Crystal, Michelle or Robyn) a call to discuss.

All policies are subject to wordings, conditions and exclusions.  Please review your policy and discuss with Your favorite Insurance Wizard.